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Split w/ The Most Secret Method


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By: Ian Craig about 3 years ago permalink

Would also LOVE mp3s!

By: Brian Woodburn over 5 years ago permalink

Any way we could get an MP3 version of this release?

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Dischord 117.5 Capitol City Dusters Split w/ The Most Secret Method

10" out of stock

This 10" EP features 3 songs apiece from The Capitol City Dusters and the Most Secret Method.

Released as a split with Superbad in 1997.

The Dusters

Alec Bourgeois
vocals, guitar
Ben Azzara
Bill Colgrove

The Most Secret Method

Marc Nelson
vocals, guitar
Ryan Nelson
Johanna Classen

  1. The Dusters: Build Me Up
  2. The Dusters: Play For Time
  3. The Dusters: The Letter "E"
  4. MSM: Inch
  5. MSM: Words and Cop Calls
  6. MSM: Pat Graham