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By: stephen immerwahr about 7 years ago permalink

I think Melissa Berkoff climbed Mr. Kilimanjaro this summer.

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Dischord 108 Autoclave Combined

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This CD compiles songs from Autoclave's #60.5 7 Inch, the #65.5 EP, and two extras songs. These songs were recorded in 1991 and compiled to a single CD 1997.

Christina Billotte
bass, vocals, drums
Mary Timony
guitar, vocals
Nikki Chapman
guitar, vocals
Melissa Berkoff

1. Go Far + queue
2. I'll Take You Down + queue
3. It's Not Real Life + queue
4. Dr. Seuss + queue
5. Still Here + queue
6. Hot Spurr + queue
7. Vision + queue
8. Bulls Eye + queue
9. I'll Take You Down (version) + queue
10. Summer + queue
11. Paper Boy + queue
Recorded At
Barrett Jones by
Mastered By
TJ Lipple at Silver Sonya