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By: Jeffrey Struck over 5 years ago permalink

Ah...just scored a used CD of this for a mere $7 today, thus completing my lungfish collection. So good!

By: paul foster over 7 years ago permalink

Received my vinyl earlier.Fantastic album.

blessed oblivion indeed.

By: Steve Pollock over 7 years ago permalink

my 2ยข: all the Lungfish releases - and yes I own all the original CDs - warrant a fresh remastering (no Loudness Wars please!) with lossless (FLAC/ALAC) 24Bit-96 kHz digital download option. These recordings would positively shine in Hi-Rez!

By: Peter Wyatt over 7 years ago permalink

thanks for this!! I am now ready for the rest to be reissued.

By: Nathaniel M Landry over 7 years ago permalink

A perfect record by a remarkable band...Thanks for the reissue!

By: david leavesley over 7 years ago permalink

Here's another vote for a CD reissue of this album. It's practically impossible to get hold of a copy at the moment without having to spend silly money...

By: Matthew Horne almost 8 years ago permalink

These 3 OOP Lungfish ones would be nice to have again in a physical form: Indivisible, Sound in Time, and Artificial Horizon. I'd love to get them!

By: Andrei almost 8 years ago permalink

Like others, I prefer the actual LP or CD. A file on my computer is a poor substitute for something I can handle and, yes, even smell. That said, I appreciate Dischord's reissuing of so much great music.

By: Jason Rossi almost 8 years ago permalink

This must be reissued. I'm an old soul and I need to have a physical copy of this, not just a download.

By: Jeffrey Struck almost 8 years ago permalink

I enthusiastically support a reissue of this, the only Lungfish album I do not own...

By: Alec B over 8 years ago permalink

No plans yet -- but we evaluate the interest in the next Lungfish reissue based on the response to the last. Tick Tock might just be the greatest song on earth.

By: Gavin Howells over 8 years ago permalink

Any plans for a reissue on LP? The best Lungfish record in my humble opinion.

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Dischord 106 Lungfish Indivisible

Buy Digital $7CD out of stock
12" LP out of stock
LP W/ Damaged Packaging out of stock

Lungfish's fifth full-length LP, released in 1997.

This LP was re-issued in September 2012 and features a free MP3 download.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
Sean Meadows
Mitchell Feldstein

1. Indivisible + queue
2. You Did Not Exist + queue
3. e=fu + queue
4. Urania + queue
5. Organ Harvest + queue
6. Yellow Sun + queue
7. William Fuld + queue
8. Tick Tock + queue
9. Cut To Fit The Mouth + queue
10. Fill The Days + queue
11. Sin To Live + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Mixed By