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By: Mr M S Bissell over 5 years ago

I would love to see this re-issued. CD, 7" or hi-res downloads; I don't mind. But this would complete my Lungfishyness.

By: Don Sellner over 6 years ago

Please reissue this !!!

By: Addison Pollock almost 9 years ago

Yes, please make these songs available for download. I too heard it on KCRW with Henry Rollins and Ian. I can't stop listening to that show to hear "Savings".

By: Patrick Yatchak almost 9 years ago

You can hear the song Savings on the Henry Rollins radio show. Ian was the guest and played the song.
Would love to see this made available again--in any format. 35 bucks on ebay--boo.

By: Anthony R Venne over 9 years ago

I concur… this would be great to be able to download.

By: benjamin lokiec over 9 years ago

Please make available for download.

By: Lee Jones over 9 years ago

Any plans to make this available for download?

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Dischord 099.5 Lungfish 10 East

Three songs by Lungfish, released in 1995.

This 7 Inch is out of print.