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By: Mary Billyou 6 months ago

Yes vinyl please!

By: Bill Goodwin about 8 years ago

so pleased to be getting this on vinyl - one of my Top 3 punk band / albums and favorite musicians (Christina Billotte) to this day.

By: Anthony Reitz over 8 years ago

They showed up in Chicago to play and before the show a couple of them were fixing their van in front of the venue. Great show and DIY through and through.


By: BCORE / Albert almost 11 years ago

Yeah! We want it on vinyl!

By: mike koenig about 11 years ago

i vote for this on a vinyl platter as well!

By: Shawn P Breen over 11 years ago

Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl!... a nice shade of red maybe? Oh... and a reunion show would be great too. On the list of favorite records of my life.

By: brian cagle over 11 years ago

Yep, vinyl please.

By: Alec Bee almost 12 years ago

This is a personal favorite of mine as well. I'd love to see it back on vinyl -- if we can drum up more support then perhaps we can get it done!

By: Harry Neale almost 12 years ago

This is such a great record. When is it going to be reissued on vinyl?

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Dischord 091 Slant 6 Soda Pop*Rip Off

Buy Digital $7
CD out of stock

12” LP (Red) out of stock

12" LP out of stock

Slant 6's first full-length album, released in 1994.

This 12" LP has been remastered by TJ Lipple. It features a free MP3 download, which includes the 13 original album tracks plus three extra songs from the "What Kind of Monster Are You?" 7".  The release is also available on CD and MP3.

Christina Billotte guitar & vocals
Myra Power bass & vocals
Marge Marshall drums

1. Don't You Ever
2. Nights X 9
3. Love Shock
4. Double Edged Knife
5. Time Expired
6. Invisible Footsteps
7. Poison Arrows Shot at Heroes
8. Don't Censor Me
9. Blood Song
10. Soda Pop-Rip Off
11. Become Your Ghost
12. Blue Angel
13. March 6
14. What Kind of Monster Are You?
15. Semi-Blue Tile
16. Thirty-Thirty Vision
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye and Slant 6