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Lurid Traversal of Rte. 7


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By: Don Scott over 2 years ago permalink

I would also be quite interested in a CD copy of this when it becomes available.

By: Kyle Harmon about 5 years ago permalink

I'm very interested in buying this album on cd format as soon as it comes back into stock

By: Aaron Leitko about 5 years ago permalink

Hello Eric,

The small run from several years ago was on green and was not remastered. This current pressing, which is on clear, has been remastered.


By: Eric Barry about 5 years ago permalink

Is the LP master the same that was done in a small run on black vinyl to fill the warehouse find jackets from three years back?

By: michael caccavale almost 6 years ago permalink

How about repressing the 7" material or the slowdime ep.

By: Andrei over 6 years ago permalink

Is there any chance this will be restocked in the near future?

By: Luke Pfaff almost 7 years ago permalink

I bought the LP on vinyl and the redeem code wouldn't work.

By: david forshey about 7 years ago permalink

Can"t wait for the mailman to show up !

By: Geoffrey Vincent over 7 years ago permalink

Please restock soon!!!

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Dischord 089 Hoover Lurid Traversal of Rte. 7

Hoover's first and only full-length album, released in 1994.

The LP includes a free MP3 download.

The re-mastered CD also includes 3 songs (tracks 11-13) from the #086.5 7 Inch.

CD Re-Mastered:
Joseph McRedmond
guitar & vocals
Frederick Erskine
bass & vocals
Alex Dunham
guitar & vocals
Christopher Farral

1. Distant + queue
2. Pretender + queue
3. Electrolux + queue
4. Shut + queue
5. Route 7 + queue
6. Regulator Watts + queue
7. Father + queue
8. Cable + queue
9. Letter + queue
10. Cuts Like Drugs + queue
11. Return + queue
12. Private + queue
13. Dries + queue
Recorded At
WGNS Studios
Produced By
Geoff Turner and Juan Carrera