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By: zachary taylor about 2 years ago permalink

Double vinyl release??? Would be great!

By: Jonthan Heckman about 7 years ago permalink

When the weather gets cold I usually go through an Ignition obsession, I feel it coming on again, and I'm wondering if the remastered sound on this is dramatically different to the older CD release...of which I own 2 copies already. I love Dischord and consider this one of the more important releases so I'll probably order regardless of the answer but it would be great if there's something different for the ears, whether it's bass louder in the mix or an overall volume increase. Thanks for any help!

By: michael gilbert almost 9 years ago permalink

Ignition were so wonderful, just really hit that crossroads of "what we are feeling" and "what is humanity doing" so well. the Ignition records were (not a dis!) a great way to expose folks to punk ethics without having them dismiss the music as a a (uuungh) "bunch of noise". that's kind of funny, though, cos' i always thought Ignition might be headed in a direction that included more noise... that's part of what i liked about them! ps: "Anger Means" still pops into my head regularly, all this time later. i never got why they didn't have that effect on more people.

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Dischord 088 Ignition Complete Services

Complete Services, originally released on CD in 1994, compiles all of the records released by Ignition. Each of these releases was originally produced on vinyl and/or cassette only. The collection also includes an unreleased cover of the Vibrators song, Keep it Clean.

The Complete Services CD was remastered by TJ Lipple and reissued (in limited quantities) in June 2012.

Feb & May 1988, May 1989
Alec MacKaye
Chris Thomson
Chris Bald
Dante Ferrando

1. Previous + queue
2. Cancellation + queue
3. Buy and Sell + queue
4. Wrenching + queue
5. Strain + queue
6. Throttle + queue
7. Temporary + queue
8. So Moved + queue
9. Sinker + queue
10. Non Verbum + queue
11. Consequence + queue
12. Lucky Thirteen + queue
13. Anger Means (version) + queue
14. Revision + queue
15. Standstill + queue
16. Kiwi Chant + queue
17. One Sided + queue
18. Bullets In Mind + queue
19. Eyeballed + queue
20. Sinker (version) + queue
21. Rebuilding + queue
22. Anxiety Asking + queue
23. Anger Means + queue
24. Proven Hollow + queue
25. Chicago Song + queue
26. Bought and Sold + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear