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By: David Loyd almost 7 years ago permalink

need to get these along with the other fugazi releases restocked or reissued on vinyl. Love them all but this is definitely my favorite release

By: Aldo Benincasa about 8 years ago permalink

my first fugazi lp... i remember so fresh how Facet Squared hit me

By: Ryan Lee about 9 years ago permalink

The remaster of this didn't change the sound of the original too much. In fact, once I installed a sub in my car I noticed that this album is very light on the kick and bass. Any chance of getting a remix version rather than a remastered version? Best album ever...

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Dischord 070 Fugazi In On The Kill Taker

This is Fugazi's third full-length record, released in 1993.

This 12" LP was re-cut from the Silver Sonya masters in April 2009 at Chicago Mastering Service, and features a free MP3 download of the album. The CD was remastered at Silver Sonya in 2005.

Originally Released:
Ian MacKaye
vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto
vocals & guitar
Joe Lally
Brendan Canty

1. Facet Squared + queue
2. Public Witness Program + queue
3. Returning the Screw + queue
4. Smallpox Champion + queue
5. Rend It + queue
6. 23 Beats Off + queue
7. Sweet and Low + queue
8. Cassavetes + queue
9. Great Cop + queue
10. Walken's Syndrome + queue
11. Instrument + queue
12. Last Chance for a Slow Dance + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ted Nicely and Fugazi