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Talking Songs for Walking + Necklace of Heads


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By: amber m minarchick over 5 years ago permalink

Hey Shawn,
I have the Necklace of Heads 12” if you’d like to buy or trade for it. I’m into gig posters and records too.

By: Shawn P Breen almost 8 years ago permalink

Is there any chance that Necklace of Heads can be reissued on vinyl? That would be great! Kinda like the Reptile House 7".

By: benjamin lokiec over 8 years ago permalink

How many times will I buy this record? At least twice a decade. Truly great stuff. Box set please.

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Dischord 066 Lungfish Talking Songs for Walking + Necklace of Heads

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This release compiles the albums "Necklace of Heads" (previously released on Simple Machines) and "Talking Songs For Walking".

Summer '89, August '91
CD Re-mastered:
Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
John Chriest
Mitchell Feldstein

1. Friend to Friend in Endtime + queue
2. Broadcast + queue
3. Descender + queue
4. Samuel + queue
5. Kissing + queue
6. Reveal Me + queue
7. My Fool Heart + queue
8. One Face + queue
9. Non Dual Bliss + queue
10. Put Your Hand In My Hand + queue
11. Come Clean + queue
12. Put Your Halo On + queue
13. Ain't No Color + queue
14. Not Only Long Ride Too High + queue
15. Parthogenesis + queue
16. Devilhead + queue
17. Nothing Is Easy + queue
18. Fambly + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye