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By: christopher adams about 4 years ago permalink

Will Funeral At The Movies and Ten Spot be re-released on lp?

By: Jason R Nelson over 6 years ago permalink

The remastered version has been changed? I don't see 'Cross Town Traffic' listed on here.

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Dischord 055 Shudder To Think Funeral/Ten Spot

Maxi CD out of stock
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This Maxi CD combines the "Funeral at the Movies" and "Ten Spot" albums (both of which are out of print), see #046, and #054

Craig Wedren
Chris Matthews
Stuart Hill
Mike Russell

1. Chocolate + queue
2. Lies About the Sky + queue
3. Day Ditty + queue
4. Red House + queue
5. Funeral At the Movies + queue
6. I Blew Away/Ride That Sexy Horse + queue
7. Heaven Here + queue
8. Jade-Dust Eyes + queue
9. Rag + queue
10. About Three Dreams + queue
11. Speak + queue
12. Corner of My Eye + queue
13. Summertime Train + queue
14. On The Rain + queue
15. Vacation Brain + queue
16. Yes + queue
17. Tony Told Me + queue
Recorded At
Southern Studios and Black Pond