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Take It Back/Food for Thought


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By: Matthew Gessel over 3 years ago permalink

The digital download is missing "I am the Walrus"

By: Chris Revell over 7 years ago permalink

Love this album! Coming from my favorite era of the Dischord sound. Geoff's vocals on I am the Walrus are right on target with the origional! Great band!

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Dischord 049 Gray Matter Take It Back/Food for Thought

Maxi CD out of stock
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This Maxi CD combines songs from Food For Thought, Take It Back and the Alive and Kicking 7"

1984 & 1985
CD Re-Mastered:

Tracks 1-10:

Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios
Produced by
Bert Queiroz, Ian MacKaye
& Gray Matter

Tracks 11-16:

Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios
Produced by
Ian MacKaye

Tracks 17-19:

Recorded at
WGNS Studios
Produced by
Gray Matter
Geoff Turner
vocals & guitar
Mark Haggerty
Steve Niles
Dante Ferrando

1. Retrospect + queue
2. Oscars Eye + queue
3. Fill a Void + queue
4. Give Me a Clue + queue
5. Gray Matter + queue
6. Caffeine Blues + queue
7. Crisis and Compromise + queue
8. Flash in Time + queue
9. Phobias + queue
10. Chutes and Ladders + queue
11. Burn No Bridges + queue
12. Walk the Line + queue
13. Take it Back + queue
14. 4 a.m. + queue
15. Head + queue
16. Phobias (version) + queue
17. The Spy + queue
18. Walk the Line (version) + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear and WGNS by