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By: Richard Church over 4 years ago

Holy cow, what a beautiful reissue. Didn't even realize the Gray Matter stuff was back in-print until a stumbled across it in my local record store. Just as great and fresh as I remember it. Another in a long line of cases of Dischord keeping great stuff out there!

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Dischord 048 Gray Matter Food For Thought

Food For Thought is Gray Matter's first album, originally released on R&B Records in 1985 and later re-issued on Dischord. These songs are also available on a Maxi CD (DIS49) together with songs from the Take It Back EP.

This 12" LP was re-cut and re-issued with a free MP3 download in October 2009.

Geoff Turner
vocals & guitar
Mark Haggerty
Steve Niles
Dante Ferrando

1. Retrospect
2. Oscars Eye
3. Fill A Void
4. Give Me A Clue
5. Gray Matter
6. Caffeine Blues
7. Crisis And Compromise
8. Flash In Time
9. Phobias
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios by
Produced By
Bert Queiroz, Ian MacKaye & Gray Matter