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Piltdown Lad


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By: Kemp Herbster about 5 years ago permalink

One of the great Dischord releases! A total crime we did not get anymore material from this band...

By: Tomas Cardenas about 7 years ago permalink

My name is tomas and i endorse this album.

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Dischord 041 Fidelity Jones Piltdown Lad

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The debut EP by Fidelity Jones. Released in 1989.

This 12" EP comes with a free MP3 Download when purchased from this store.

Tomas Squip Jones
Andy Charneco
Dug E. Bird
Jerry Busher

1. The Emperors' + queue
2. He Lives + queue
3. Where Are We Now + queue
4. Fountain of Youth + queue
5. Feeling the Screw + queue
6. Force of Evil Plans + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Andy & Fidelity Jones