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Margin Walker


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By: Jason Schmidt over 4 years ago permalink

You ain't the only one. I think Ian was just cleaning up after a shave. :)

By: Mike Simon over 7 years ago permalink

youngsters breathing fire, yes

By: Robert W. Swanson over 8 years ago permalink

I always wished a story would unfold out of this album cover's photograph.

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Dischord 035 Fugazi Margin Walker

12" EP out of stock
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This is Fugazi's second release recorded in December 1988 with John Loder while the band was in England for a European tour. These songs were combined with the tracks from the band's debut 7 Songs EP and was released on the 13 Songs maxi CD.

This 12" EP was re-cut and re-issued in October 2009 (with updated art) and comes with a free MP3 download.

Originally Released:
June 1989
Ian MacKaye
vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto
Joe Lally
Brendan Canty

1. Margin Walker + queue
2. And The Same + queue
3. Burning Too + queue
4. Provisional + queue
5. Lockdown + queue
6. Promises + queue
Recorded At
Southern Studios
Produced By
John Loder