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Dark Days Coming


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By: shane evans almost 8 years ago permalink

one of the best albums ever!

By: William Thompson over 8 years ago permalink

Holy Crap I should learn how to spell!

By: William Thompson over 8 years ago permalink

Holy crap what an incredable LP, remember buying it from Dischord the when it came out in 1989. My friends and I thought it was the next best thing to sliced bread!

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Dischord 033 Three Dark Days Coming

Buy CD $10Buy Digital $712" LP out of stock

Three's full-length record, released in 1989.

This 10-song album was re-mastered and re-issued on CD and 12" LP in September 2010.

The CD features eight extra tracks taken from the band's demos. The LP comes with a free MP3 download, which includes the additional songs. These tracks are also included with the digital release.

Geoff Turner
vocals & guitar
Mark Haggerty
Steve Niles
Jeff Nelson

1. Empathy + queue
2. Swann Street + queue
3. Buy Me a River + queue
4. Domino Days + queue
5. Dodger + queue
6. International + queue
7. Pious & Blind + queue
8. Rejection + queue
9. Dark Days Coming + queue
10. Don't Walk Away + queue
11. Shitberries Demo + queue
12. Cheatin' Heart + queue
13. Love Is Like a Rose + queue
14. Food For Thog + queue
15. Pretty / Heavy + queue
16. Back & Forth + queue
17. Hundred Aker Wood + queue
18. Midnight Meat Train + queue
19. Western Thrashy One + queue
20. Long Marching Song + queue
21. Sweaking Boot Noise + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Mastered By
Chicago Mastering Service
Mixed By
Geoff Turner & Ian MacKaye