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By: dechatre over 8 years ago

just got the mp3 while ordering one of the 'fugazi live series' and it's a blast! thank you

By: Russel Forster almost 9 years ago

I've loved this 7" since I bought it back in the day, and am so happy that I got a free Mp3 of it just for registering with Dischord. Awesome!

By: James Ridell about 9 years ago

Truly a Gem in punk history...

By: Daniel over 9 years ago

As happy as I am this got reissued, there is a part deep down inside of me not happy now that any one can buy it. I felt special for years having two copies. It is cool that it's light blue with little splatters here and there.

By: dylan over 9 years ago


By: Jason Smith about 10 years ago

Thanks for this! My 7" version has a nasty skip in it.

By: michael geiger about 10 years ago

received only one song for signup. missing: we all fall down. might you send it again?

By: David R. Hill about 10 years ago

This is a great one-off single. I'd love to see Ian and Jeff do another recording session like this one day!

By: Ben Mason about 10 years ago

Can anyone please tell me if there was only one pressing of this or if there were any others? How many were in each run of pressings? Thanks!

By: Paul Roux over 10 years ago

yes emm!!!!

By: Martin Gamache over 10 years ago

Release the other two songs from the recording session.

By: jake almost 11 years ago

Reissue the 7"!!!

By: Mike McLaughlin almost 11 years ago

egg hunt is on fire .

By: J Thomas Stockman almost 11 years ago

Does "Egghunt fucking rules!" count as a comment?

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Dischord 020 Egg Hunt 2 songs

Egg Hunt's first and only single, released in 1986.

Ian MacKaye
vocals, guitar, bass
Jeff Nelson
drums, gum, vocals

1. Me and You
2. We All Fall Down
Recorded At
Southern Studios