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Dischord 019 Dag Nasty Can I Say

Dag Nasty's first LP. Released in 1986.

This 12" LP was recut in November 2008 at Chicago Mastering Service. It features a new green cover and comes with an MP3 download of the album.

CD and digital versions of the album contain 6 extra tracks; two from the original recording session (previously released on a Selfless Records 7") and four previously unreleased live tracks.

CD Re-mastered:
May 2002
LP Re-mastered:
Nov 2008
Dave Smalley
Brian Baker
Roger Marbury
Colin Sears

1. Values Here + queue
2. One to Two + queue
3. Circles + queue
4. Thin Line + queue
5. Justification + queue
6. What Now? + queue
7. I've Heard + queue
8. Under Your Influence + queue
9. Can I Say + queue
10. Never Go Back + queue
11. Another Wrong + queue
12. My Dog's a Cat + queue
13. I've Heard (live) + queue
14. Another Wrong (live) + queue
15. Trying (live) + queue
16. Justification (live) + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear