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By: Zachary Eller about 5 years ago permalink

Do the current pressings of Flex Your Head come with the original poster from the 80's? My copy is tattered beyond recognition and I'd like to replace it

By: Samuel Cheney about 8 years ago permalink

Are there still any red pressings available? Would love to get my hands on one.

By: Alec B over 8 years ago permalink

Hi Joesph, Yes, this was also pressed on black vinyl. We still have some of the reds at the office if you want to trade. If so shoot an email to [email protected]

By: Joseph Mulieri over 8 years ago permalink

Hey Alec - Just bought this at a record store in Arlington thinking it was on red vinyl but it's on black. No big deal but were some of the reissues pressed on black as well?? It had the reissue sticker on it and came with the mp3 download code. Thanks

By: michael gilbert about 9 years ago permalink

oh! this record was such a huge deal for my friends and i (who missed out on this era of DC HC by a few years) in the mid-80's! sure, there are a load of great classics you already know, but also a great variety of what was continuing to become what the wide umbrella of n. american punk would be. such a great comp!

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Dischord 007 Various Artists Flex Your Head

The 12" LP comes with a free MP3 download when purchased from Dischord. This album's front cover has changed throughout the years and currently features the D.C. Flag stars and bars.

Tracks 1-6, 17-20:

Recorded at
Hit & Run Studios by Steve Carr

Tracks 24-26:

Recorded at
C.A.B Studios by Tom Scott

All other tracks:

Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara

1. Teen Idles: I Drink Milk + queue
2. Teen Idles: Commie Song + queue
3. Teen Idles: No Fun + queue
4. Untouchables: Rat Patrol + queue
5. Untouchables: Nic Fit + queue
6. Untouchables: I Hate You + queue
7. SOA: I Hate The Kids + queue
8. SOA: Disease + queue
9. SOA: Stepping Stone Party + queue
10. Minor Threat: Stand Up + queue
11. Minor Threat: 12XU + queue
12. Government Issue: Hey, Ronnie + queue
13. Government Issue: Lie, Cheat, & Steal + queue
14. Youth Brigade: Moral Majority + queue
15. Youth Brigade: Waste Of Time + queue
16. Youth Brigade: Last Word + queue
17. Red Sea: Jimi 45 + queue
18. Red C: Pressure's On + queue
19. Red C: 6 o'clock News + queue
20. Red C: Assassin + queue
21. Void: Dehumanized + queue
22. Void: Authority + queue
23. Void: My Rules + queue
24. Iron Cross: Wargames + queue
25. Iron Cross: New Breed + queue
26. Iron Cross: Live For Now + queue
27. Artificial Peace: Artificial Peace + queue
28. Artificial Peace: Outside Looking In + queue
29. Artificial Peace: Wasteland + queue
30. Deadline: Stolen Youth + queue
31. Deadline: Hear The Cry + queue
32. Deadline: Aftermath + queue
Mastered By
Silver Sonya in 2002