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Fort Reno 2014 is in Jeopardy


For the first time in decades, the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series – an all-volunteer run organization which has hosted free all-ages outdoor shows by D.C.-area musicians since 1968 – is in danger of going dark.

The U.S. Park Service is currently withholding the event’s permit until the organizers agree to hire a Park Police officer to be present on site during each of the season’s bi-weekly concerts. Unfortunately, this cost will exceed Fort Reno’s entire yearly budget.

If you value this series and would like to see the season go forward, we urge you to make your feelings known to the Park Service, and also to encourage the Mayor and Ward 3 representative, Mary Cheh to intercede on Fort Reno’s behalf.

Contact information is listed after the jump.

Office of the Chief

U.S. Park Police

(202) 619-7350

U.S. Park Police, Rock Creek Park Station


Mary Cheh

Ward 3 D.C. Council Member

(202) 724-8062

Office of Mayor Vincent C. Gray

(202) 727-6300

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