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Store Update: Deleted Scenes, Fulgora, Coke Bust, The Shirks


Deleted Scenes - Stutter

Formed during the mid-’00s in D.C., Deleted Scenes play dazed and melancholy pop music. Over the last couple of years, they’ve come into their own, developing a more manic and warped melodic sensibility that, stylistically speaking, picks up some cues from local peers like Buildings, Medications, and The Dismemberment Plan.

We recently picked up a few of their releases to sell at Dischord Direct, including this two song 7” the band recorded earlier this year with producer Brian McTear at Philadelphia’s Miner Street Recordings. They’ve got a new LP coming up this spring. You can listen to “Stutter” here.

Deleted Scenes Young People’s Church of the Air

Deleted Scenes’ second full-length, originally released on Sockets Records in 2011.

Deleted Scenes Bedbedbedbedbed EP

A four-song precursor EP to Young People’s Church of the Air that includes an acoustic take on the title track and fairly twisted-up cover of the Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please Let me Get What I Want.”

Fulgora Splinter b/w Crutch

The second single from this St. Louis/Baltimore-based grindcore band that features drummer Adam Jarvis of Pig Destroyer.

Coke BustConfined

Nine pummeling, no-frills hardcore tunes from Washington, D.C.’s Coke Bust. Their first new release since 2011’s Degradation EP.

The ShirksAction Men

The latest single from D.C.-based garage-punks, The Shirks. All the fast and heavy three-chord rock moves of their recent full-length on Grave Mistake, only with the grit-level dialed back a single notch.


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