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February Adds to The Fugazi Live Series Now Available


25 new concert downloads were added to the Fugazi Live Series on February 13, 2012 (in addition to the 25 that were added in January). This brings the total to 180 downloads, and we'll continue adding shows monthly until we reach our goal of making every one of the 800+ Fugazi concert recordings in our collection available.

Some interesting moments from this new batch of downloads include an early version of "Turnover" (then titled "NSA") from a 1989 Chapel Hill show with Ian on lead-vocals, and an incredible scene from a show in Glasgow when a group of women join the band on stage during "Suggestion" to call out incidents of violence against women. In fact "Suggestion" was the only track that survived from that recording, and it's pretty ragged, but the moment itself comes across crystal clear. See a complete list of the new downloads after the jump.

The following concerts have been added to the site and are available to download now:
Chicago, IL USA 06/24/2001
Chicago, IL USA 06/23/2001
Munich, Germany 09/25/1999
Las Vegas, NV USA 03/05/1999
Honolulu, HI USA 10/16/1996
Ventura, CA USA 02/19/1999
Portland, OR USA 02/26/1999
Conway, AR USA 11/24/1998
Syracuse, NY USA 07/17/1998
Washington, DC USA 04/19/1996
San Francisco, CA USA 11/06/1995
San Francisco, CA USA 11/05/1995
Catania, Sicily, Italy 06/18/1995
Washington, DC USA 11/29/1994
Iowa City, IA USA 08/29/1993
Las Vegas, NV USA 04/22/1993
Budapest, Hungary 06/11/1992
Buffalo, NY USA 03/11/1991
Reseda, CA USA 05/17/1990
Reseda, CA USA 05/16/1990
Austin, TX USA 05/05/1990
Chapel Hill, NC USA 05/01/1989
Glasgow, Scotland 11/27/1989
Manchester, England 11/28/1989
Olympia, WA USA05/16/1988

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