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New Stuff From Dismemberment Plan, M'lady's & More


The long-awaited Emergency & I reissue from the Dismemberment Plan is here, for the first time on vinyl! Former Q and Not U member Chris Richards wrote a nice piece - with a personal touch - on the band's reunion for the Washington Post.

There's a fresh batch of singles from the M'lady's crew. Buoy, the second release from La La Vasquez, a trio of London ladies in harmony. For something on the shoutier side, check out the Landlord Song 7" from Portland, Oregon's Magic Johnson.

There's a 4-song 7" from noisy Brighton, UK, band The Sticks, Scrapes, and something new from Coasting, whose single The One We Both Like received a lot of positive feedback from both customers and stores. This new one's called Same Old Same Old.

And finally, we've got the debut 4-song 7" from DC-based rockers Beasts of No Nation. The band features Andrew Black, who had a stint in Title Tracks and put out a 7" of his own, and Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour. Also features members of Majority Rule and Trial by Fire.


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