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Wakefield Compilation Vol. 1


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Teenbeat tb141 v/a Wakefield Compilation Vol. 1

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A compilation CD featuring songs by Blast Off Country Style, Versus, Gastr Del Sol, Tuscadero, Air Miami, Eggs, and more. Released by TeenBeat Records in 1995.

  1. Buttercup - Blast Off Country Style
  2. Know Nothing - Versus
  3. Eye Street - Gastr Del Sol
  4. Holidays R. Hell - Tuscadero
  5. Sugar Babe - Eggs
  6. Fragments of Fear - In Camera
  7. Fight Song - Air Miami
  8. The Girl's On My Mind - Butch Willis & the Rocks
  9. Hallways - Vomit Launch
  10. Hell Will Come High Water - Los Marauders
  11. Mrs. N - Bells Of
  12. Can of Worms - Uncle Wiggly
  13. Sea Nine - Cobalt
  14. Human Garbage - No Trend
  15. The Angry Employee - Johnny Cohen's Love Machine
  16. Miss America - The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers
  17. This Girls' In Love With You - Grenadine