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It Came From The Hills


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Magic Bullet mb080 v/a It Came From The Hills

A compilation record featuring songs from Forensics, Earthen Sea, and This Will Destroy You.

  1. Jinxed At Twelve - The Bomba
  2. Nitro Tokyo - Fuel My Fire
  3. Taint - Poison Pen Attack
  4. This Will Destroy You - The World Is Our ____
  5. Paul Michel - Shoot First
  6. Aughra - Fostep
  7. Stephen Brodsky - Wintermean Crimes
  8. Forensics - Daytime Minutes
  9. Tephra - Through our Veins
  10. Light Yourself on Fire - Rickshaw
  11. Snowblood - Aubade
  12. Earthen Sea - Sailing Toward Distant Lands