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(Split with Waifle) Do You Need a Place to Stay?


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Magic Bullet mb023 Pg. 99 (Split with Waifle) Do You Need a Place to Stay?

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A split LP featuring songs by Pg. 99 and Waifle. Released by Magic Bullet Records in 2001.

  1. A Death At Willoughby Spit (Intro)
  2. Calling You Ten Nights In a Row
  3. Cold Harbor
  4. Croaker Norge
  5. Under a Swarm of Black Birds
  6. Watch Out for the Button In the Glovebox
  7. The Most Dreaded Fate Imagineable
  8. Hook, Line, and Sinker
  9. Intro
  10. Comedy of Christ
  11. Punk Rock In the Wrong Hands
  12. We Left As Skeletons
  13. In Love With an Apparition
  14. Your Face Is a Rape Scene