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Teen Smash Hits for Students


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Level Records lr3 v/a Teen Smash Hits for Students

A compilation benefiting St. Timothee's school in Chateau Gaillard, Hati. Includes contributions from Trusty, Antimony, Holy Rollers, and Craig Wedren.

  1. Wish it Were Me - Trusty
  2. Ainu - Antimony
  3. Stumble - Rollercoaster
  4. Psychedelicate - She Crabs
  5. Trust the Floors - Jim Wilbur
  6. Revenge of the Anti-Hype Machine - Las Mordidas
  7. A Thigh For a Leg - Lorelei
  8. Angel - Ashes
  9. Killing Alley - Holy Rollers
  10. Page Two - Lois
  11. Isolated Version - Substance D
  12. Aquarianne - Wicker Pig
  13. Playing Guitars - Anasin
  14. Interpreting Robert Johnson - Craig Wedren