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Desoto di43 Dismemberment Plan A People's History of...

This CD features D-Plan tunes re-mixed by friends and fans. The band made their master recordings available to a variety of DJs and artists to see what they could add to the mix.

  1. The Face of the Earth (Parae)
  2. What Do You Want Me to Say? (Drop Dynasty)
  3. Academy Award (Cex)
  4. Following Through (Cynyc)
  5. The Other Side (Justin Norvell)
  6. Life of Possibilities (Quruli/Noise McCartney)
  7. Pay for the Piano (Grandmaster Incongruous)
  8. Time Bomb (ASCDI)
  9. Automatic (Deadverse)
  10. The City (Ev)
  11. The Jitters (Ender)
  12. Superpowers (Erik Gundel)