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Con Art 20th Anniversary Edition


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Ernest Jenning Record Co. EJRC143 Smart Went Crazy Con Art 20th Anniversary Edition

This record is now available for pre-order. Orders will ship on or near the official December 15th release date. Any additional items will be ordered will be held and shipped in the same box.

This is a limited edition 2xLP reissue of Smart Went Crazy's second and final album, Con Art, which was first released in 1997 by Dischord Records. The original vinyl version of the record was a single LP and, due to space constraints, omitted a number of songs that were included on the CD. This reissue has been remastered from the original source tapes, pressed to clear vinyl, and restores the complete track listing.

  1. Black Kites
  2. Exitfare
  3. A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce
  4. Immutable Beauty
  5. Con Art
  6. Backers Chocolate*
  7. DC Will do that To You
  8. DC Will Do That To You
  9. Let x=x*
  10. Funny as In Funny Ha-Ha
  11. How to Blacken Your Own Name
  12. Bullfighter
  13. Holds Her Hand, Blocks Out the Sun*
  14. Song of the Dodo
  15. Tight Frame Loose Frame
  16. A Good Day
  17. So Speaks the Queen Bee*
  18. Tijuana 3/28/96
  19. Now We're Even