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Am I Right or Am I Right


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Android Eats Records AER007 Fulton Lights Am I Right or Am I Right

Am I Right or Am I Right is the third full-length album from Fulton Lights. The eleven songs cover a broad range of styles, from big, Springsteen-ish rock to Can-by-way-of-James-Brown funk. Musicians on the album include TJ Lipple (Aloha) on drums, Peter Hess (The Hold Steady, Balkan Beat Box) on sax/flute, and John Davis (Title Tracks, x-Georgie James, x-Q & Not U) on guitar.

  1. Baby I'm Tryin'
  2. Can't Take My Love
  3. Don't Go Away So Soon
  4. If You Can Make it Through the Dark
  5. Am I Right or Am I Right?
  6. We Were Young and That Was Long Ago
  7. Don't Let the Animals In
  8. A Minor Happenstance As Things Go
  9. The Riddle in Me
  10. Still Dreaming the Same Dreams
  11. Stout Hearts Feeble Minds