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Rainbows from Atoms


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By: Philip J Monahan - 5 months ago - permalink - flag

Yes, a reissue of this on vinyl would be amazing! Sure, I'll buy the digital download, but this record deserves to be in print. Please!!!

By: Kirk Gauthier - over 2 years ago - permalink - flag

There are few bands I'm willing to buy more than one copy of their albums, but Lungfish isn't one of 'em. I bought the download of this album mere days after I got "Talking Songs for Walking + Necklace of Heads" and will buy this album again whenever it's re-released on vinyl.

Please, when you can, make this album available on vinyl again! I could listen to "Intrument" over and over and over again until I die!

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Dischord 078 Lungfish Rainbows from Atoms

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Lungfish's second full-length LP, released in 1993.

The CD and 12" LP are out of print, however, it is still available digitally.

This CD was re-mastered and re-packaged in 2008.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
John Chriest
Mitchell Feldstein

1. Instrument + queue
2. Mother Made Me + queue
3. Abraham Lincoln + queue
4. Animal Man + queue
5. Fresh Air Cure + queue
6. Creation Story + queue
7. Axiomatic + queue
8. Open House + queue
9. 8.14.2116 + queue
10. You Might Ask Me What + queue
11. Seek Sound Shelter + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye