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Recent records by new (or new-ish) D.C. bands


Priests - Radiation b/w Personal Planes

Washington, D.C. riot-surf trio Priests follow up their debut cassette with this two song 7". Features Chain & the Gang’s Katie Alice Greer on the mic. Check out the songs here or catch them on tour.

Hume Phasing EP

The final release by Baltimore-via-D.C. experimentalists, Hume. Last year, the quartet cloistered itself in a rented house in upstate New York, hoping to write and record a full-length record. These two songs – “Phasing” and “Camwood on the Leaves” – are the only two tracks ever to see the light of day from those sessions. They provide a peek at the band as it shifted gears, switching from prog-riffage toward ambient trance music built from interlocking loops. Includes remixes by Doldrums, Dustin Wong (Ponytail), and Glass Window (Aaron from D.C.’s Protect-U).

America HeartsBe My Jones

The four-song debut single from America Hearts, which is lead by E.D. Sedgwick drummer Jess Matthews. You can preview the songs here.


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